About our staff

Thu, 12/20/2012 - 14:27 By Dave Brooks
Dave David Brooks The thing I enjoy about working at the company most is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of talented and interesting people, who own a problem and find a solution – but also work with each other to improve that solution as much as they can. I really enjoy working with people around the world, having traveled to most of the continents myself. 

A few things people might not know about me are that I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, at 14 my dad and I homesteaded, I play bass, tutor college math on the side, and I'm a bit dyslexic. I'm also ambidextrous. And I am Susan Brooks' biggest fan! 

Susan's baby grand Susan Brooks My favorite part about working at Brooks Internet software is to see, nearly on a daily basis, very talented people come together in exquisite teamwork. Whether it's a high-five email from one of the sales reps, or tech guys collaborating in the office next to mine, it is always a joy to see my coworkers pooling their resources to solve customer's difficult printing problems. 

Hands-down, the greatest asset I bring to the table is my faith in Dave Brooks and the team he has assembled. He is hugely intentional about helping each team member unpack their hidden treasures to better serve you, our customers. Even I promptly enrolled in the MBA program at our local university, where I am still plugging away, learning how to do my share to make Brooks a better business. It is my immense hope that our customers would have the kind of relationship with Brooks to where they can freely give their input, share their ideas, and have their questions answered on an ongoing basis. Please know that you enrich this company!

Something you may not know about me: I have played piano since I was four years old, and still have the piano I learned to play on. (And yes, that piano is getting pretty old…sigh) 

Leroy Leroy Powell I love to hear from customers when our products helped resolve a problem they faced. Being in customer support, we often only hear about things that go wrong, so when customers share positive experiences, it is very welcomed. I enjoy getting to know customers, like breaking the call down to more of a personal-level call; asking and hearing about the weather, or vacations makes the conversations more memorable for me. My biggest area of personal improvement since I first started with Brooks is in being on the phones. At first, I was so intimidated when I was on the phone talking to our customers, but since have grown to be very comfortable on the phone. 

I enjoy playing basketball – I play about three days a week – and enjoy being with my family since the newest addition! I am excited to be able to work with customers and would be more than happy to assist you configuring our software to improve or resolve any problem you currently face. I sincerely hope you have or had an enjoyable and positive experience and remember us, if and when, you face a similar situation in the future. 

Bryan Bryan Huntsman I really enjoy working as a team to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of the power of what our software does for them. I would have to say I get the most satisfaction from taking all the time necessary to resolve the issues customers call me with. I find my technical and product knowledge is a very strong skill set I bring to Brooks Internet Software. I consider every day to be a learning advantage – the more I speak with our customers the more product knowledge I receive. 

I would like to leave you a few fun facts about myself that you would not know otherwise. I enjoy juggling, and I actually consider myself to be a professional juggler in the sense that I have received monetary return for juggling at events outside of my day to day profession here at Brooks. Please think of me as proud to be here to help juggle your software printing needs. I personally appreciate your business.