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AP Technology


AP Technology

Check and Form Printing Solutions

AP Technology is a leading provider of industry-leading check issuance software designed to provide end-to-end check fraud protection and optimal check processing efficiencies that save companies both time and money. Working hand in hand with any accounting application, AP Technology solutions will automate your check/form production and positive pay file creation and transmission. AP Technology products have been engineered for intuitive user interaction and for universal compatibility with any platform or environment to guarantee smooth installation and operation.

AP Technology check printing software solutions add greater security, efficiency, and ease to your check and form production.

SecureCheck 8


SecureCheck 8
Check Printing Software System 

SecureCheck 8 check printing software uniquely merges your accounting data to blank stock to create finished checks and forms. SecureCheck 8 enhances security with event notifications, audit trails, event logs, and more, and streamlines your process by automating manual tasks such as account selection, sorting, and check signing.





Positive Pay File Conversion and Transmission Software

SecurePay is the fastest and easiest way to implement positive paycheck fraud protection with your bank.  The universal positive pay software converts files to your bank’s required positive pay format and automates transmission to the bank. Any discrepancies will result in the check not being cashed- protecting your company from check fraud.



ezSigner Direct


ezSigner Direct
Check and Document Signing Software

ezSigner Direct is a digital signature & graphic solution that allows you to quickly and securely add signatures and graphics to any document. Save time and increase security with this check signing software.

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AP Technology also offers a complete line of quality check stock, MICR toner, and envelopes to meet all of your check issuance needs.

Seamless Integration for Increased Efficiencies

Customer story:: SecureCheck working with RPM Remote Print Manager from Brooks