Port 515 in use when using TermVision

I am using SCO TermVision and I want to use RPM because of the features offered. When I try starting RPM, an error message stating 'RPM has detected another program is using port 515...'. How can I eliminate this message?

SCO TermVision contains a fairly simple LPD package. It will pass raw data to the printer. Since you wish to use RPM for more complicated tasks or features, this LPD should be disabled. To disable it:

  1. Open the Windows "Control Panel". Double-click "Vision Services".
  2. Click the "Printing" tab. Choose "None", meaning TermVision will not have any printers configured.

Now, you should be able to start RPM without the error message. This message is there to warn users or administrators that there is a problem, rather than determining the problem later on.