Printing to an HP 5 causes SPOOL32 error

When I print through RPM to an HP LaserJet 5 printer, I get a Spool32.exe error message and I am forced to reboot the computer. After rebooting, I continue to receive the same error. Is there something that can be done?

The HP LaserJet 5 print driver causes this issue, but this can be fixed in RPM. First, verify that you have installed the HP LaserJet 5 print driver from the Windows CD-ROM and not from a CD or diskette that shipped with the printer.

If you are using the driver from HP, delete the printer from the Windows Printers folder. Then, add a new printer using the driver provided on the Windows CD-ROM.

Finally, you must append a form-feed or a line-feed to the end of the data.

  1. Choose "Edit Queues" from the "Queues" menu in RPM.
  2. Press the "Print Data Options" button.
  3. In the "Append" tab, choose "Append Bytes".
  4. Press the "Edit Bytes" button, then the FF or LF buttons.[1]
  5. Press OK on the "Edit Bytes" dialog, then "Apply" and "OK" on the "Print Data Options" dialog, and finally, the "OK" button on the "Edit Queues" dialog.
  6. Test the new configuration to verify that the problem is fixed.

Note: This problem may be evident in other print drivers that use the same PCL language as the HP 5.

[1] The FF button adds a form feed, the LF button adds a line feed. If you add a form feed, a blank page may print out after each document.