If you are new to our software trial process

Brooks License ManagerWelcome! You’ve downloaded and run the installer. Just when you think the installation is done, you get to a window that looks like the image to the right (click on it to see the full sized view).

Don’t panic! This is the Brooks License Manager. The first time you run it, it’s going to show you:

  1. The name and version of the product
  2. Your license status--in this case, the start of the 21 day trial

There are two things worth knowing at this point. First, as you wind through the trial period, that 21 day counter is going to wind down as well. You might run the License Manager once in a while to check. We can extend the trial if you are running short on time.
Second, check out the “Activate” button, bottom center. If you are running the trial, you do NOT NEED TO ACTIVATE the license. That happens when you purchase.

For now, please:

  • use the product, explore the capabilities
  • confirm that it has the all features you need
  • call our Tech Support for advice, to make sure it is what you are looking for

We are occasionally surprised when someone purchases, then calls the next day because the software doesn’t have the one important feature they were expecting. Please let us help you answer your questions during the trial, so that you can be fully comfortable with your purchase and move on to other important matters.