Introducing RPM Elite 5.0

RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite 5.0 is our top of the line print server product. For those familiar with our RPM Select 5.0 product, which has been available since May 2008, RPM Elite 5.0 is the same code base with a number of additional features. RPM Elite 5.0 was released December, 2009.

Key strengths

We have a comparison document which summarizes the differences between RPM Elite and RPM Select. Here are a few highlights:

Please see the RPM Elite and Select comparison page for details.

Print devices

RPM Elite is licensed to support 99 print devices. You can also license 249 or unlimited print devices for extra cost. Please see the print devices page for more information on how the count is determined.


RPM Elite is licensed by the CPU it's installed on. We do not currently support installing RPM Elite on a shared folder to be used simultaneously from multiple computers. Please note that we include "virtual computers" in all its current usage semantics as a computer.


You can download RPM Elite from the RPM Download page.


You can purchase RPM Elite online or by contacting our office.