Konica Minolta & ExcelliPrint

Printing IPDS to Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers

Konica Minolta dealers no longer have to walk away from mainframe or AS/400 printing environments where the customer is printing IPDS data streams. ExcelliPrint allows AFP/IPDS print files to be printed on Konica Minolta copiers and printers products. ExcelliPrint runs on Windows NT-based computers and accepts IPDS print requests from iSeries and zSeries computers over TCP/IP networks and converts the print stream into PDF, GDI or PCL for output to either a printer or a file.

ExcelliPrint runs as a Windows service and includes IBM iSeries device management, spooled file management and allows for multiple ports listening for simultaneous print requests. Primary features include: driver independent printing, print-to-file archiving, support for printing to multiple devices, browser-based interface, secure web interface and role-based administration.

  • Support for all IPDS Towers (that's IBM-speak for functions)
  • AFP (IPDS & AFPDS) and SCS to PDF conversion
  • Runs as a Windows service
  • IBM iSeries device management
  • Multiple ports listening for print requests simultaneously
  • Drive independent printing
  • Print-to-file archiving
  • Support for multiple output devices
  • Browser-based interface
  • Secure Web interface
  • Role-based administration
  • Spooled file management


Though IPDS is a proprietary print language to IBM, there are those shops that refuse to change to a more open print system. Before ExcelliPrint, it was an expensive proposition to get that print stream converted into a more useable format. ExcelliPrint makes this a snap! Please feel free to download a fully-functional, 21-day trial copy and try it out for yourself.

ExcelliPrint's Features and Benefits

Spooled file management

Spooled files can be held or released without the need of an additional emulator.

Benefit: No need for additional software to release your IPDS spooled files. ExcelliPrint provides a convenient and efficient interface to manage spooled files.

Support for multiple output devices

A device can be a printer or folder; users can configure more than just one output device. Devices can be local or remote.

Benefit: Unlike comparable products that are licensed for only one device, ExcelliPrint supports multiple output devices. ExcelliPrint includes sophisticated archiving abilities normally found in high-end solutions.

Browser-based interface

Platform-independent browser allows simple, efficient administration from ANY authorized computer.

Benefit: All you need is a browser for easy local and remote administration; quickly and easily view your log, setup, devices, and more. Make changes to your devices and jobs within your existing Web browser.

Role-based administration

Role-based administration allows fine control of ExcelliPrint settings and functions.

Benefit: ExcelliPrint provides different levels of administrative privilege to fit the company's security needs.

IBM iSeries device management

Users are able to create iSeries print devices or redirect existing devices using the browser-based interface.

Benefit: Easily configure an AS/400 to print to the ExcelliPrint client.

Move iSeries Spool Files

ExcelliPrint can move iSeries spool files between IPDS devices. In addition to holding and releasing iSeries spool files, you can now move spool files from one IPDS device to another, all within ExcelliPrint.

Runs as a Windows service

ExcelliPrint runs as a native Windows service.

Benefit: The application receives print jobs without requiring a Windows user to be logged in to the computer where ExcelliPrint is running.

Secure Web interface

The application uses a secure Web interface that supports SSL and offers role-based administration.

Benefit: ExcelliPrint's embedded Web server supports SSL and does not require Apache or IIS to be installed. Because we use SSL, sensitive information remains protected.

Print-to-file archiving

The ability to save files to selected archive folders on the user's computer or on the network.

Benefit: You can save the converted IPDS output to a network storage unit, a Windows share, or your own PC. This gives you the ability to archive and manage your print jobs.

Multiple simultaneous connections

User can configure multiple ports, each with its own IPDS printer emulation and output device; each user-configured port can accept simultaneous connections.

Benefit: Unlike other IPDS solutions, ExcelliPrint accepts data on multiple connections on a single port without delays and supports multiple ports. As a result, you can consolidate multiple IPDS printers without server-side modifications.

Converting AFP to PDF

In addition to its other advanced features, ExcelliPrint is able to take an AFP data stream and convert it directly to a PDF file. In this way, ExcelliPrint functions as an efficient AFP-to-PDF converter.

Benefit: ExcelliPrint lets you choose whether to spool your mainframe/mid-range AFP data to any Windows-based printer or save the jobs to file. The choice is yours.