Distributing print jobs with RPM

RPM Provides

Starting with RPM Remote Print Manager (RPM) version 5.2, everything leads up to the print job distirbution. All the care we've put into tweaking and tranlating the print job leads up to this moment.

Where do we go from here

First, there are a number of things RPM can do to any print job. We call these actions and they are configured to be run by every job in a given queue.

The RPM actions are: text printraw printarchiverun a programsend an email

copy to another queue

From one to many

Second, RPM can do all of those things to a single print job, or any combination. You can send a print job to three different printers and email to six accounts, and archive to two different folders. No problem; just set RPM up to do that.

The only limitation is the number of output devices, and that each action will get the same exact file. If you want to change formats, use the "copy queue" action, make the changes there, then run more actions.

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