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Over the years as people have used RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM"), they have provided us feedback on the problems they were seeking to solve with our product. Accordingly, we have adopted a number of input formats which we can read natively and process into a distinct output format. For instance, we can take SCS files from an AS/400 and, since we understand SCS, we know what the output is supposed to look like--and we can produce PDF files which match the expected output. It's more than a simple EBCDIC translation when it comes to SCS.

RPM provides robust handling of a number of text formats for those seeking to preserve the characteristics of their original print jobs, whether they are printing to Windows printers or converting to PDF or other formats.


Format Special considerations
Plain text Carriage return denotes a new line segment
Backspace denotes overstrike or bold
ASA All ASA commands are supported
SCS Nearly all SCS commands are supported, except super script, sub script and binary pass-through
PCL Simple PCL can be converted to plain text
PCL in general can be converted to PDF, PostScript, and common image formats


Format Notes
PDF PDF is commonly attached to an email or archived to disk, though it is possible to print as well
PDF is also ready to import into many document management systems
Plain text It's still common to convert to plain text, for instance for check writing systems
PCL RPM converts to PCL to drive printers directly
Image, e.g. TIFF TIFF files are commonly imported into document management systems
HTML Some of our financial customers archive a copy of their print jobs to HTML

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