Print Management - Saving Money by Managing your Printers

Print Management is a major challenge for system administrators IT managers. Lowering print costs and finding new ways to save money through managing their printers and leveraging what printers they already have in place in a key concern in today's shrinking budgets. Printer management and print management save money if implemented correctly.We can help you utilize your current printers without having to purchase new, and expensive specialized printers!

Print Management and Printer Management

AS/400 / iSeries Print Management

as400 print managementWith RPM, AS/400 host data can be sent to Windows-based printers or accessed on Windows-based systems. SCS formatting is preserved, archive iSeries spool files, and more. The result: lower costs, more flexibility, and more convenience. Check out our AS/400 printing tips.

UNIX / Linux Print Management

unix and linux print managementEasily format your UNIX spool files with RPM (Windows UNIX print services) before they are sent to your Windows-attached printer! Easily add a printer to UNIX with RPM and instantly be able to format your print jobs, set duplexing, stapling, and any other copier or printer commands.

  • Broadcast Printing: Press print just one time to send your print file to one, two, ten, or however many recipients you desire. Send your print file to multiple places anywhere in the world via IP address.
  • Fail-over Printing: One of your printers is out of paper, what will your print server do? INTELLIscribe would automatically re-route the print job to the next available printer on your list.
  • IPDS Print Management: Get away from IPDS DIMMS and expensive IPDS-capable printers. ExcelliPrint let's you manage ALL your IPDS print jobs from one PC. NO additional hardware, NO additional maintenance or resources.
  • AFP to Windows Printing: Allowing you to print those graphical and segmented files to a Windows printer with ease.
  • Print Destination Balancing: let INTELLIscribe do the thinking for you and balance your print jobs by sending the next print file to the printer doing the least amount of work.
  • Archiving Host Print Files: Have a complete print history of everything ever printed from your mainframe or host printing system. Print to file for easy archival and historical viewing.
  • IPDS to PDF: No need to print IPDS if you can just print to PDF and save to your PC or a network storage device.


Increase Productivity while Lowering your Printing Costs

Software solutions are the least expensive when one needs to reduce their print management costs. Plus, software solutions are easier to install and setup, requires less maintenance and man hours, and usually is half the cost of buying new hardware or expensive printers.

One of the main advantages of using software to lower print management costs, especially when dealing with various Host Systems (AS/400, UNIX, Mainframe, AIX, Windows) to connect to Windows environments are advanced formatting and finishing capabilities, minimum host-side modifications, simplified print job management, and connectivity.

For more information on how printing to a Windows printer can save you money, please read the Host to Windows Print Management White Paper.

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