Renew SUM online

Many of our customers use the traditional purchase order process, as well they should, to keep organizational spending in line and properly accounted for. 

But, for small purchases, we’ve been told many times that a streamlined method is allowed--and even preferred. So, we are happy to announce that we’ve been able to link the quote we send you directly to our website. With one click you can order the product, saving time and expense in your operation. We have had this in place for nearly a year and the reception has been very good, of course when your organizational rules allow.

So, how do you do it?

All Brooks quotes have a blue quote number in the top right-hand corner which contains an embedded link to your quote. In our example below, please note “R-3781”. 

To renew your SUM online, simply click on the quote number and a shopping cart page on our site will open. When you do this, all the information from your quote is automatically filled in. From there you may proceed to Checkout and pay by credit card.

Note that this applies to any quote, not just SUM renewals. For instance you may receive volume discounts in this way as well.