RPM Disk Space

How RPM checks disk space

Starting with RPM Remote Print Manager® version we now check disk space before a disk file is created.

  1. RPM gets the maximum size of the disk device, and calculates error and warning threshholds
  2. The error threshold is lesser of 0.1% of the total space and 120 MB.
  3. The warning threshold is the lesser of 1% of the total space and 1 GB, then the greater of that amount or 0.5 GB.

The following metrics are then applied whenever we consider a disk opreation:

  • If the free space has shrunk enough to put us in the warning zone (less than the warning threshold) we log a warning but continue
  • If the free space is now less than the error threshold, log the error to the file and cancel the operation

Note that when we receive a file via LPD, the incoming file size is declared up front. If RPM can't allocate enough space to receive this print job, it will refuse the job.

RPM disk usage

RPM Select uses about 24 MB for files and code.

The database of settings, job descriptions, queues, log entries, etc. starts out at about a megabyte but will grow depending on your activites.

RPM Elite uses an additional 21.5 MB for third party software and the web interface files.

Database size issues

The configuration database starts out at 1.2 MB and will grow quickly. Depending on your work load, it is "normal" to have a database up to ten MB, perhaps more.

If your database is over 100 MB, you might contact our technical support for consultation. Problems that led to very large databases were solved several versions prior to We have also added a log purge function to this release which will eliminate your log entries at the expense of future trouble shooting. This is why we recommend the practice of periodically exporting your log to disk, before purging.