RPM Elite and Select Enhancement Matrix

Note: this is for version 4.5 and earlier

Many of these items are not applicable to RPM 5 or 6.

The following table shows the improvements made to RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite and Select, beginning with version and continuing through RPM Elite version 4.5 and RPM Select version 4.5. Both versions are engineered for Windows 2000 and are backwards compatible with Windows NT. These versions run on all Windows NT-based platforms.

Note: RPM Elite was formerly RPM/NT Server, and RPM Select was RPM/NT Workstation.

  - Indicates that the feature exists in the subject version
  - These features currently exist in RPM Elite only.
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Features Benefits Version
4.5 4.0 3.0 2.3
Supports Raw and Filter Queue Banners Added support for inserting a banner page in raw and filter type queues. Insert bytes or a file either before or after the banner page.      
Enhanced User Interface New queue list window displays entire job names, default settings updated, added support for importing and exporting configuration, supports specifying control file destination, and Help files updated to reflect updated features.      
Brooks License Manager Enhanced All new features including a license Wizard are now provided. Supports advanced products and features, enhanced support for license reinstallation, and can now connect through a proxy server/firewall.      
Remote Print Administrator Included Provides remote administration through web browser (deprecated in favor of UI) with comprehensive management of queues, jobs, and other settings. Logs can be viewed remotely for troubleshooting purposes.      
Filter Queue Processing Enhanced Scheduling and thread management are optimized to support real-time processing of filter actions; filter processes run and jobs are processed without pooling or process delay.    
COM Filter Support COM filters are an advanced option for filter queues. They expose a rich programmatic interface that can be used to provide comprehensive integration with third-party tools and systems.    
Custom Configuration of Filter The filter queue provides the user more control and options for naming files and handling mangled and complicated modern filenames.    
Full Multi-language Support for Dynamic Environments Enhanced compatibility and testing to ensure proper handling and rendering of Multiple Byte Character Sets (MBCS) for international processing in languages such as Japanese and Chinese.    
Enhanced Code Page Support for Raw & Filter Type Queues The user can easily select the appropriate code page for non-text queues, permitting the use of multiple languages within RPM.    
Support for ASA Carriage Control This new feature allows the user to convert ASA FORTRAN formatted data for jobs originating from legacy systems.    
Enhanced Logfile Viewer The new logfile viewer allows easier navigation by graphically depicting severity. The right-click menu allows the view to be changed and other RPM logfiles to be viewed.    
Service dependency on RPC is now registered The user-interface now opens after boot-up without cycling the service.  
Printer limits can be increased during the trial period Easily increase your printer limits for a complete testing environment.  
The Windows registry cleans up after install RPM is tuned to not fill the registry with job processing data for stalled or noisy sessions.  
The RPM user-interface can always be accessed, even with an expired license Even when your license is expired, you can still open the BISI License Manager from the user interface.  
RPM handles conditions with a wider variety of LPR applications RPM configuration for some LPRs is now simpler and supports a wide variety of LPRs.  
COM filter support has been added COM filters provide the most efficient way possible to transmit data between applications under Windows 2000, for integration with DOM and Enterprise systems.  
Y2K compliant Extensive Y2K testing for maximum performance.  
Percentage of job completion is no longer rounded Large jobs report the proper processing percentage of current jobs.  
Translating characters has been overhauled RPM translates characters faster and unwanted translations are avoided.  
RPM now sets the correct owner and title for the print job in the Windows print spooler The Windows print spooler now shows the name of the original print user rather than the RPM service account (by default).  
RPM displays the number of pages for a raw queue type The total page count (per job) is now displayed.  
RPM generates a banner page in the raw type queue RPM fully supports and implements banner page from the sending LPR.  
Title of the current job is displayed Current job page count/total is reported for multiple and large print jobs.  
No need to add delimiters (LF, FF, etc.) to the files RPM notifies the printer when each job is finished.  
Using CPI and LPI, the tallest matching font is used Fonts printed on the printer are true to size.  
Control the file name More naming options when using a filter queue to save the file.  
Illegal filename characters are changed to underscore (_) RPM/NT handles problems with illegal filenames.  
Save the control file to any directory on disk Custom software can more easily get job information.  
Log file is enhanced for Windows NT Log file includes sophisticated diagnostics for finding and fixing problems with obscure or proprietary LPR and printers.  
Schedules jobs more efficiently for filter queues Greater throughput for filter queues when using a program.  
Installation will not overwrite your existing license Licensing the software is easier and you can license using the Internet.  

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