RPM Print to File

RPM Remote Print Manager® supports a number of ways to print to file, and the list keeps growing.

Archive action. RPM supports saving a print ready file to disk along side the printing operation. This way you can archive what you print, when you print it.

Another common use of the archive action is to save a PDF, text or HTML file you have created. Many of our customers print SCS files from an iSeries to RPM; there they convert the SCS to text markup, then convert the text markup to PDF, then archive. This is a fairly effective and efficient way to print to file.

Still another typical use is to feed print jobs to a third party process, for instance, OctoTools (DMS preparation), secure check printing, and others.

HP PCL to PDF transform. This was added by RPM Elite 5.0. The print job, which was ready for an HP printer, is converted to a PDF file. At the same time the PDF file can be merged onto an existing PDF file, either appended or prepended.

Filter action. This is the one that suprises people. We are frequently asked how to make a run an external program on a print job, and save a copy of the job. The answer is: make a batch file that does that, runs your program and copies your print job, or the result, to the folder of your choice. Sometimes its easy to focus on the command line being the program you intend to run, rather than all the steps you need to perform.

It seems trivial but you'd be surprised how often this comes up!