RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Print Server

RPM Remote Print Manager® is an LPD Print Server that gives you the tools to completely customize your Host and Mainframe print files. RPM will take the print job, perform various transforms, and then send the print job where you need it to go; printer (network or local), email (single person or multiple recipients), print to file (archive print job), and more.

RPM Makes Cross-platform Printing Simple and Affordable

While many print servers only allow a straight pass-through of data from the host system, RPM provides extensive formatting capabilities in text printing, and the ability to work with third-party software.

Using RPM to convert mainframe print data streams is far more economical than recoding mainframe applications or replacing high-volume printers. RPM provides the necessary conversion technology to include IBM mainframe-generated documents in your Windows network environment workflow, whether you are printing these documents to Windows-based printers or saving the files to disk for archiving or further processing.

Installs in Seconds! 

What they say...

The tech support is always outstanding. Definitely one of the best I've worked with.

RPM worked perfectly since day one. We've put it in place and haven't looked back.