RPM Update Summary

This is a summary of the changes for the RPM Remote Print Manager® version. The Elite version continues to track the Select version. Elite specific changes are called out below.

You can see the full list of changes on the RPM version history page.

Summary of changes in version


  • The GUI now handles imports where you have devices not defined, queues already defined [see below]
  • The devices in the Device tab are numbered, to help you see how many you have defined. The Devices tab also has a "reserved" column to show which ones are currently in use.
  • The status bar shows how many devices you are licensed for. Remember this number represents the total you can use at one time. You can define as many as you want; we don't limit you there.
  • We have added considerable logging. We're moving away from the Windows Event log, using an Sqlite database as a "local events log". We are also logging much more there than we were before.
  • The "local events log" described above is copied to a CSV file (text, compatible with spreadsheets and databases).
  • We've added details on the operating system, software version, and licensing to the "local events log" to facilitate support.
  • RPM also creates an external configuration file for certain items called "config.xml".
  • RPM also creates an external CSV file with license information, such as serial number, etc. This should assist users who need to relicense but don't know what their old serial number was.

Import/export improvements:

  • Let's say you import a configuration. What do you do with the queues if they already exist? RPM was making a new queue called "Copy of ...". Now we have 3 ways to handle this:
    • Overwrite, the existing queue is removed and the new one is put in its place
    • Rename, the existing queue is renamed to "queue"_bak, which will be bad news if that queue name already exists
    • Ignore, don't import a queue if the name is in use.
  • Devices are now imported.
  • If the import needs to prompt for login credentials, we now depend on a check box to specify "prompt for all credentials" or "all devices use the Local System account".
  • Actions are now created regardless of whether the device exists on the system. It's easier to add a device than to recreate all the other settings for an action. We do warn you when this happens, though it should not cause a problem since RPM can already handle missing devices when jobs are printed.
  • Error lists are now text areas, so you can note for yourself what needs to be fixed.

Bugs fixed:

  • the insert file transform was limiting print jobs to 131K at most. This is fixed.
  • RPM Elite recognizes a license with "unlimited devices" correctly.
  • The device list in the GUI now works for many devices, whereas before it would work well only for around a dozen. You can now edit devices in the GUI even if you have hundreds.
  • Files with numerous backspaces or carriage returns were throwing off the "autocalculate" feature in Text Markup; for instance lines that were meant to be 80 column could turn out to be 140.
  • Several fixes to the raw print action, in particular page ranges now work well. It should print whatever range you want, and if the file doesn't contain pages in that range the job will be errored so you can see in the Jobs tab just what happened.
  • RPM correctly removes jobs whose files no longer exist, and files whose job can't be found, from the spool folder.