Introducing Watch Folder Support For RPM Elite

RPM Remote Print Manager

What is it:

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) now has an optional Queue Folders module available for use. At its core, the Queue Folders module introduces watched or hot folder support into RPM for Windows. It is currently available for RPM Elite only.

Where to get it:

If you are an existing RPM Elite customer, please contact technical support for a trial extension on the Queue Folders module. If you are working with a new install, the module will already have a 21 day trial just like the main software. The module is installed with RPM Elite and simply activated separately.

How to use it:

In the user interface go to the Configure menu and then down to the Module section and select Queue Folders. From this dialogue you declare the Monitored Parent Folder. That should be all you need to do. This should start the background service that will monitor all the subfolders created in the parent folder for each queue present in RPM. Creating a new queue in RPM should result in a new subfolder being created in your parent folder. And creating a new subfolder in that parent folder should create a new queue in RPM (normal queue name restrictions still apply).

Any file introduced to the matching subfolder for a queue in RPM will disappear from the file system and appear in that linked queue for processing.

Who is using it:

Anyone who is doing batches of anything RPM can assist with. We've had people interested in being able to print all PDFs in a directory. They can either move files into the queue's watched folder or arrange for wherever those files are originating from to deposit in the watched folder as part of an ongoing process. Then the linked queue could call a filter action to invoke Foxit PDF Viewer to do a command line print call on those files coming in.

Another widely used activity is to add a watermark or overlay to the PDF file.

This also introduces a method for getting incoming FTP files to RPM, a common feature request. Simply ensure that your FTP software is getting files to the appropriate folder for that linked RPM queue and you now have an entirely new input mechanism for your print server.


The Queue Folders module is available for $99. It works only with RPM Elite.