Control the Printing Process with OctoTools

Devote your most valuable resources – your employees – to more important tasks than babysitting printers. Save time and choose the best options for you at each step of the printing job.

Update Forms at Any Time. With electronic forms, a modified template does not result in discarded materials. Without the worry of wasted resources, a whole world of new approaches, additions, and improvements opens for your company's forms.

Bidirectional Editing. Template design often requires form tailoring that is unique to each customer and specific to each print job. OctoTools allows users to create sample layouts. For example, if a form needs to fit 80 mono-spaced characters into a line, 37 lines in the body, and split column 1 at 17 characters, the OctoTools designer will show you how it would look in a real-time preview. Eliminate guesswork. See where text breaks fall and establish boundary lines around the text. Adjust layout elements and optimize wasted space. Innovation is an interactive process; don't you want the best tools to produce the best print job?

Eliminate pre-printed forms. Adjust the template around the job instead of adjusting the job around the form. This flexibility can save time and wasted materials from trial-and-error test printing. With OctoTools layout previews, see if everything is right before you print.

Personalize Customer Mailings. Marketing is more than selling a good product, it is making a personal connection with the needs and desires of potential clients. The right approach with clients can make the difference between the success of your company and the competitor. Maximize marketing efforts with ease; avoid generic sales pitches. Add a personal touch – a name and pertinent information – to emails and mailings. OctoTools is a fully featured Variable Data Printing solution. Make that mailing personal without spending extra time.

Drag-and-Drop Editor. Adjust your template in a real-time preview. With “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) style, your template looks the way you want it to and guess work is eliminated. Layout is a cinch with a simple drag-and-drop any of individual display elements.

Precision Adjustments. Make minute adjustments down to one-thousandth of an inch in font size, line spacing, element placement, etc. Make any element fit where it needs to without wrestling with margins or other relative element placement.

Every Copy a Sharp Copy. Multi-part forms become fainter depending on how many layers are printed through. With OctoTools, each print is from the same job, which means each copy is clear and easy to read.

Dynamic email. As you create custom emails with OctoTools, pull the recipient's email address from the print data,. Or, look up the address in your ODBC connected database using the account ID in your print job. And, of course, you have great control over the email message body with the OctoTools designer.


Choose Your Action. Action options in OctoTools include:

  • email

  • print on a Windows printer

  • create a PDF file

  • fax

  • archive to disk

And much more!