Error: [10048]: Address already in use

My RPM Remote Print Manager® does not seem to be getting the data. The RPM log shows the following information:

Error: 0x2740 [10048] Address already in use.

This message is what the Windows operating system returned to RPM when RPM tried to use port 515. The message, in laymens terms, means that RPM is trying to open port 515, but another application is already using it. There are several applications which could use this port and it is difficult to find out which one to close or stop.

A couple of things you can check first: In the 'Services' applet under the control panel, look for TCP/IP Print Server. If it is showing 'Started', you need to first stop it, next press the 'Startup' button and disable this service. If that was running, try RPM again.

Another thing to check: Go into the RPM program, choose 'Protocols' from the 'Options' menu, and see if you have configured RPM to use port 515 twice. In there, you might see "Telnet:515" and "LPD:515". If both are in there using 515, choose the one you do not need, and press 'Delete'.

If you need both, you must use a different port for each. Try 9100 for telnet.

If these steps do not fix the problem, you have another program using this port. Check any terminal emulation software packages that may be starting an LPD automatically. You will need to look in the 'Startup' folders, and also the 'Services' applet in the control panel. Look specifically for something that has "LPD" in the name.