eWeek keeps an eye on RPM Remote Print Manager


We recently received a copy of the November 15, 2010 print edition of eWeek magazine. Thanks again to Larry Bouchie of TurboPR for sending it! On page 45 there's a write-up on the new RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® (RPM) Elite version 5.1 release, in their "products to watch" section. 

eWeek mentions converting print jobs to PDF, and working with many business systems including mainframes, iSeries (aka System i), Linux, CUPS, HP3000 and HP9000, among others. They also mention our increased Unicode and PCL support.

The TinyURL at the bottom of the article brings up the eWeeks Labs write-up on RPM Elite. On the Labs site, you can see two sample screenshots showing a setup with a Chinese printer name and a folder path for a watermark image which includes Chinese names as well.

A big "Thank you!" to eWeek for mentioning us.