My print jobs are getting stuck in RPM

Print jobs are stuck in RPM Remote Print Manager® and I have looked at the data. The data seems OK, but they still won't print.

There are 2 possible answers to this question.

First, have you appended a LF to the end of the data. For whatever reason, some systems do not add a LF so the program thinks it's not quite done. To append an LF:

  1. Go to RPM\Queues\Edit Queues
  2. Select Print Data Options, then the append tab.
  3. Choose Append Bytes\Edit Bytes\LF
  4. Press OK until you are back to the queue status.

The other solution is the Windows printer Spool Settings or Scheduling (in the case of NT). To fix it, change the Spool Settings to "Spool print jobs so program finishes faster" and then "Start printing after last page has been spooled". Always turn off bi-directional printing because RPM does not support it at this time.