Why does the Euro currency symbol not print?

When printing through RPM, the Euro currency symbol does not print, but is translated into a space character. How can this be resolved?

RPM handles the Euro symbol just fine, however, you must use a font that defines the euro symbol, such as Courier New. Here are some steps to help you determine where the problem lies.

First, determine if the Euro symbol is received by RPM. If it was sent, it will be in the data.

  1. Suspend the RPM queue, so it is displayed like "Queue xxx: Enabled, Suspended, Not holding" in the RPM Queue Status window.
  2. Send a print job to RPM just as if the file would be printed through RPM. Since the queue is suspended, the file will not print. Open the RPM\Spool folder. In it should be the data file, beginning with "dfA" followed by a sequence number, followed by the host system that sent the job to RPM. Example: dfA1tempest.
  3. View the contents of this file with a hex editor. A good one is UltraEdit32. Search for the hex character 0x80 or 80. This is the hex equivalent of the Euro symbol.

If the character is in the file, then your problem might simply be a font that does not support the symbol. If it is not in the file, then your efforts should be concentrated on the sending side host, as it is not sending the currency symbol to RPM.