How do I uninstall INTELLIscribe?

I'm trying to uninstall INTELLIscribe from my computer to be placed on a new computer. There is no shortcut in the INTELLIscribe program group that allows me to uninstall the application.

There are a number of ways to remove the application from your computer. Microsoft recommends each Windows user know the existence of and use the Add or Remove Programs utility found in the Control Panel. To do this:

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings, then select Control Panel. On the Windows XP, the Control Panel is found in the redesigned Start menu, not Settings.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs. Find and highlight INTELLIscribe and click Change/Remove.
  3. The InstallShield Wizard for INTELLIscribe will guide you through the process of removing INTELLIscribe from your computer.

You can also execute the installation executable file again which will initiate uninstallation of INTELLIscribe if it is already installed.

The uninstall process involves a large number of steps including removing the program files from the target and Windows System folders, removing the port monitor from the Windows Print Manager, and the registry entries used by INTELLIscribe to store configuration and other settings. We do not recommend removing the application manually.