Can't print over 132 columns per line

I can't print over 132 columns in my print jobs, although I set 150 characters-per-line.

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) has two ways to set the horizontal size of the font. One is Use characters per inch and the other is Fit columns per line.

  1. From the RPM user interface, choose Edit Queues from the Queues menu.
  2. In the Edit Queues dialog, verify Select a queue lists the queue you wish to modify and that you have select the Print text, allows font selection, page setup queue type. Open the Text Setup dialog by clicking the Queue Setup button.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Check Use characters per inch and fill in the chars/inch edit box. This page explains how to determine the number of characters per inch
    • Select Fit columns per line and enter the correct number of columns in the columns field.

Note: For best results, we suggest selecting a TrueType font such as Courier New. In the Font dialog, look for a TrueType icon beside the font name. The other type is a bitmapped, or system font, represented by the following icon: .

If your print job is a report or other document that lists data in columns, a fixed-width font should be used. It is important that the white-space (0x20) character is the same width as other printable characters. Courier New and Letter Gothic MT are the most common fixed-width fonts. Both Arial and Times New Roman are variable-width fonts.