Received "malformed from address" from Unix

When trying to print from INTELLIscribe to Linux, the Linux LPD rejects the request and logs an error stating:

	/usr/sbin/lpd: Malformed from address  

The message also appears in the Properties dialog in INTELLIscribe.

The new version of INTELLIscribe sends data on source ports greater than 1024. This is to circumvent a problem with Windows and port timeout periods. Some flavors of Unix and Linux, by default, will only accept data on source ports less than 1024. This is due to a security hole present in systems providing both FTP and LPR/LPD functionality.

INTELLIscribe may be modified to send data on ports less than 1024 in the virtual printer port wizard.

  1. From the Printers menu, choose Add or update virtual printer port.
  2. Click "Next" until the final step.
  3. Modify the "Relax port restr" parameter to display "no" by choosing this from the drop-down list.