BISILOCK.DLL uses function #6883 in MFC42.dll

During the INTELLIscribe setup, I got an error that states "BISILOCK.DLL uses function #6883 in MFC42.dll."

This error is caused by an outdated version of the MFC42.dll file. The fix could be either of the following:

  1. First try rebooting your machine. This file may be in use and cannot be updated by the INTELLIscribe setup program until you reboot your PC.
  2. INTELLIscribe may be using a file that is located in a different directory. You may have more than one file on your system, even if one of them is the newest version (6.00.8447.0) but one is older, this might be causing your problem. You should delete all occurrences of this file on your hard disk except for the newest version in your C:\Windows\System directory. Follow these steps:
    1. Choose Start\Find\Files or Folders.
    2. Find "MFC42.DLL" (without quotes) on all local harddrives
    3. Delete all MFC42.DLL files except in the Windows\System directory.

Note: When you are having problems, you need to reboot often. For instance, if you uninstall INTELLIscribe, reboot even if it says that it was removed completely. Similarly, reboot after installing, even if the install program doesn't ask you to.