Does RPM have a reprint feature?

We would like to be able to reprint our print jobs, just in case of any problems that may occur while printing. Does RPM have this feature built-in?

Quick answer: RPM 5.0 and newer support this, RPM 4.5 and prior do not. The following directions are for RPM 4.5 users.

No. RPM does not have this feature built in, but it can be done. RPM has three types of queues: text, raw and filter. To use this work-around, you must use the "filter" type queue. Follow these steps: First create the batch file:

  1. Create a batch file using notepad or another text editor program.
  2. The batch file needs to contain the following lines:
    • lpr -Phold -S127.0.0.1 %1
    • lpr -Pprint -S127.0.0.1 %1
  3. Save the file to a directory. In my example, I've named it "reprint.bat".

Now create the appropriate queues and configurations in RPM:

  1. Create a new queue in RPM to receive the initial job
  2. In the edit queues dialog, choose the "Run a local filter program on the file" option.
  3. In the queue setup, click the execute tab.
  4. In the "Program command line, with arguments, input "c:\path\reprint.bat %s". Be sure to put the correct path to the file.
  5. Create another new queue. I call it "print" in my example.
  6. Setup the queue to print the file correctly.
  7. Create another new queue. I call it "hold" in my example.
  8. In the Edit Queues dialog, check "Hold print jobs, operator controlled".

Now, when RPM receives the file in the filter queue, it will resend the file back through RPM in 2 different queues. One queue will hold the print job, the other will print it. If you need to reprint later on, double-click the job in the "hold" queue you wish to reprint. From here, you will be able to move the job to either the "print" queue or the filter queue which will start the process all over again. You can also specify the page range in the Operator Job Control dialog.