Forms Design, Printing, PDF Conversion & Distribution

OctoTools™ is a document management tool designed by JBM Systems, located in Peabody, MA. OctoTools encompasses Forms Design, Report Formatting, Electronic Distribution, Printing, and PDF conversion. Once set up, OctoTools runs automatically to provide high volume throughput without operator involvement. OctoTools is composed of two main modules: OctoTools RTE (Run Time Engine), supporting input, processing, conversion, and output; and OctoDesigner, providing forms design and report formatting.

Octotools Forms management

OctoTools Run-Time Engine

OctoTools RTE (Run Time Engine) is the heart of OctoTools and incorporates the functionality of JBM's reliable PDF generating software, OctoPDF™ and the report bursting functionality of OctoBurst™. An easy-to-use GUI (Graphical Users' Interface) has been developed to simplify installation and support visual access to data and variables. The run time engine has the capability to generate PDFs and assign variables for automatic email and web access addresses.

Document Management Capabilities

Document management capabilities include web path addressing, assigning input and output locations, and report bursting (drill down). In addition, Windows print drivers are used to print to any PostScript™, PCL printer, digital copier or production class printer including Xerox Docutech™ and Docuprint™. The run time engine interfaces seamlessly with OctoTools forms builder, OctoDesigner™.

  • Server based for optimum performance
  • Automatic, unattended operation
  • GUI and Command Line operations
  • Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF conversion and generation
  • PDF 128 bit Encryption, Watermarking, and Security rights included
  • Assign burst variables dynamically from report/text data
  • URLs and data locations dynamically assigned via defined variables
  • Ability to change or hide fields based on input data
  • Automatic Email with user variables, cc, blind copy and return receipts
  • Multiple images on a page dynamically
  • Meta tags and key words for indexing
  • Include Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Supports Windows print drivers
  • Watched directory support with launching multiple copies
  • Capability to select different templates based input data
  • Print to almost any PCL or Postscript printer, digital copier or production class printer
  • Receives simultaneous report and text output from remote sources
  • Seamless integration with OctoDesigner forms design application
  • Manage output automatically with user defined constants, date & time, report, and conditional variables
  • Run time statistics reported for input and output and performance

Supported Systems

  • IBM System/390 running OS/390, VSE or VM with TCP/IP and LPR software such as: VPS TCP/IP IBM's Infoprint manager (IP Printway)
  • i/Series or AS/400
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP with LPR software
  • Windows 9x with any LPR software including INTELLIscribe®
  • Unix, AIX or Linux with LPR
  • Universe, Open VMS, HP3000, Tandem, and almost any system supporting LPR
  • RPM Remote Print Manager® may be used to receive files

Please visit JBM Systems for more information and to download a free trial copy and try OctoTools for yourself!