Print to Multiple Printers with INTELLIscribe

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INTELLIscribe® is all about printing to multiple printers. That's what we do.

To illustrate, let's start with a partial list of the printers in our office: HP LaserJet 1320, Brother MFC, HP LaserJet 4200, Panasonic

And, let's assume that all these printers can use the same print driver, that is, if you send a Windows print job to one, any of those printers could handle it equally well.

Step 1: in INTELLIscribe create a printer group, then enter the hostname or IP address of each these printers into that printer group.

Step 2: choose how you want to use these printers. Here are your choices:

Broadcast: every print job goes to each of the printers.

Failover: you send your print jobs to the first printer in the list, and if it's unavailable  for some reason, INTELLIscribe automatically uses the next printer. It's like having multiple backups for your printers—be assured that every print job comes out of one of the printers.

Round robin: send print jobs to each printer in turn. In our example, first to the HP 1320, next job to the Brother, then the HP 4200, then the Panasonic.

Destination balancing: INTELLIscribe keeps track of the print job size, and attempts to send the same print volume to all the printers in your list. This is a pretty efficient way to keep all your printers equally busy, and as a bonus use supplies at about the same rate.

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