IPDS file naming for document management

Sometimes when you do something, you don't know the whole story of why it's a good idea. All you know is that a bunch of people asked you to.

It turns out that filenaming in the latest edition of ExcelliPrint® is the one feature people are telling us about, at least this week. We're getting orders based on the press release and that feature.

Fabian Cazes in Argentina explained to me that customers, whom he met with this week, are using the feature with their document management system. They generate IPDS from their AS/400, convert them to PDF using ExcelliPrint, and create the PDF file using the job data. This way they can deliver tens of thousands of documents to their document management system for indexing, using the names they want. And they don't have to manually rename the files.

We'll let you know when we hear more stories on why this is working for people.