Windows print overview

The way you print in Windows now

We are all familiar with printing from a Windows application. Applications such as Microsoft Word or Google Chrome have customized print menus, but at some point you select a printer:

Select HP OfficeJet Pro 8610

then you optionally click a Preferences button:

Printing preferences HP OfficeJet 8610

You know how it works. You select what you want, then click the OK button, then the Print button, and you're done.

The way you want to print in Windows from Linux

You want it to be this easy in Linux. You love Linux, and who doesn't? But it doesn't always have the print drivers you need. If you could just get your files to a Windows system ... and it's that easy.

If this is what you are looking for ...

Thank you for making it this far! We have created step by step instructions which shows you how to configure a text print action in RPM to exactly what you are looking for.

We also have pages that show how to set up a variety of systems including Linux to print to RPM. This may be a necessary first step, but first, please review these easy instructions so you can see for yourelse that it's a simple process.

For more assistance

Please contact our Technical Sales staff via this web interface, or by calling our main number at the bottom of this page.