OKI Co-Marketing Agreement

Mon, 01/28/2013 - 17:44 By Dave Brooks


Brooks Internet Software and OKI announced an agreement to co-market enterprise output management software applications on February 20, 2013. Under this agreement, OKI Data will promote Brooks’ products to their dealers and end-user customers. The RPM Remote Print Manager®, ExcelliPrint®, and INTELLIscribe® products will be made available for download and purchase directly from the Brooks website through links in the Software Solutions section of OKI's website. For more information on the full line of products and solutions from OKI, please visit their website at www.oki.com.

Our experience with OKI printers

Most of the inquiries we receive from our customers regarding printers are focused in the areas of the drivers, quality of PCL emulation and connectivity. We had the opportunity to test two OKI printers at our facility with all of our software packages and were very pleased with the results, as noted below.

Printers tested

Print driver support: excellent

We use a variety of name-brand printers here at our facility, both for software testing and general office use. Our biggest issue using printers with our server-side products is that there is no user present to intervene if/when the printer needs attention.

Our experience with the OKI printers was that they functioned quickly and absolutely reliably without encountering a single issue.

PCL emulation: excellent

Roughly half the printers in the world attempt to emulate HP Printer Command Language. We have spent weeks with some customers trying to troubleshoot their software or network configuration, only to find that their printer simply didn’t support certain PCL commands or features.

Even our most complex tests worked perfectly on both the OKI printers. We would be pleased to recommend them for that capability alone.

Connectivity: excellent

We put the OKI printers on our network and sent jobs to them as fast as we were able. Both printers output every single job, quickly. We found them to be quiet enough that we’d walk out of the office over to the printer rack, only to find the jobs already waiting for us. Your results may vary, of course.


We did not test toner usage, nor did we monitor power usage. We noted however that the printers had a fast on-cycle and first-page time was very respectable. We did not conduct standard benchmark tests as for our purposes the benchmarks are secondary to the categories mentioned above.


Based on our experience with these printers, we would highly recommend them to customers who are in the market for new printers, certainly insofar as the customers' needs mirror ours. The next time we need to purchase a printer for the company, OKI printers will receive strong consideration!