Print server software archives and emails print jobs, no special hardware needed

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is print server software for Windows platforms. It makes full use of your Windows system and has many capabilities beyond traditional printing--though we support that as well.


RPM is a single file download from our web site. Run the install program, walk through the setup steps, and you'll be using RPM in minutes!

Note that you must be logged in as a system administrator, since RPM runs as a service. If you are not familiar with Windows services, think of this way; when you use the RPM user interface, it informs the service when you configure, and the service informs it when jobs come in, etc. The service always runs whether you are logged in or not.


RPM can translate most print jobs into PDF and other commonly used formats. Archiving to disk is a snap with RPM:

  • select the folder to save the print job in
  • select file naming options, including job data, date and time
  • unique filenames are the default

if you are archiving to a network share, RPM can save the login credentials needed for that operation. No need to change the services user account.


RPM can also send a print job as the body of an email, or as an attachment.

Text print works best as the email body. Any print job can be used as an attachment. PDF is commonly used for this purpose.

No special hardware needed

RPM is designed from the ground up to work with your Windows system. We use your system settings to know where to install the programs, load the database, create the spool and temp folders. We archive to your file system, not to a pre-set standard of our own.

When we send emails we can use the email address to look up the mail server, or we can use your mail server. You choose the options which are best for you!

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Download today

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