Print server software, powerful in scope yet easy to start using

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is print server software for Windows platforms. RPM has broad capabilities, developed to address a wide variety of printing issues. Many of the ways people have found to use RPM are not obvious from the menu options.

Big power, small price

We have purposfully programmed a lot of power into RPM. The setup seems simple but the things we've seen people acheive have far exceed the cost. Our customers over the years have been the biggest drivers behind what our software can do.

Expert technical help 

Our technical staff is well versed in printing and networking technologies; that's what we do, that's how we're trained. We are a problem solving crew and take great delight in our customers successes. The people you'll talk to here are not reading from a script. Many of us have worked in this industry over a decade. 

Needs assessment 

Please contact us today to discuss your printing situation! We love to brainstorm about solutions. 

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