Network print server handles Unicode and Windows fonts

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is print server software for Windows platforms. RPM has broad capabilities, developed to address a wide variety of printing issues. 

Handles common printer protocols 

RPM handles both the LPD and Telnet print protocols. Our LPD implementation exceeds what you normally find in Windows software. We offer a complete set of processing instructions for each named queue. We also have multiple outputs on all our queues, so you can broadcast to printers, or print plus archive plus email. 

Our support of the telnet (aka raw or stream) mirrors our LPD function. Each port, for example 9100 and above, is assigned to its own print queue. 

Multibyte, ASCII, EBCDIC and more 

RPM can read any of the code pages defined in the Unicode standard, plus any code page installed on your Windows system. We support all the international versions of EBCDIC. 

Naturally any print server can deal with ASCII. We also handle overstrike and line merge. We can break pages, and undelimited lines. We can search and replace text, extract page ranges and more. 

Windows fonts 

RPM text printing is fully integrated into the Windows print system. You can use any Windows printer, specify and retain printer setup, choose any installed Windows font, and adjust the printed output to the page.

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