Another opportunity to stay in front of your end users and generate revenue

SUM agreements are renewable yearly by end users of Brooks Internet Software, Inc.'s (BISI) software. This means that you can earn a recurring annual income by ensuring that current BISI end users pay for their annual SUM renewals. BISI end users are billed 18% of the total license cost for SUM renewals. Software licenses cost between $324 and $1,944. This brings SUM renewals to between $58 and $349. Signed resellers get a 50% discount on SUM renewals.

SUM renewals provide another line of communication between you and the end users. Having active SUM means that your end users can give you a call once they have technical questions or encounter issues with their software. Opening this communication line means you can assist them with BISI software technical questions and you may become aware of other technical problems they may have which you have a solution for. This accessibility provides you a means to position yourself better with your end users which leads to better business relations, better customer service and more income.

The first benefit of SUM to your end user is our outstanding Technical Support. BISI has a Technical Support Team with systems in place to keep each other well-informed about any and all bug fixes or changes in your end users software, and many on the team are instrumental in writing the software itself. As you've probably already experienced, your Company is the first tier of support when your end users are having technical support issues. For cases which your organization cannot resolve, the BISI Technical Support Team is full of great people with a wealth of experience, who are ready and willing to work with your company in order to bring the matter to a satisfactory close for your end user. Current SUM agreement gives your end users access to technical support over the phone during BISI's business hours. While SUM agreements can be reinstated even after they've lapsed, keeping them up to date will save time in the long run. You don't wait for a fire to staff fire-fighters, so keeping our technical support team on the line will save future time and frustration.

Another benefit to keeping a current SUM agreement is that your end user will have access to all product updates. Many software companies require that end users purchase each version of the software as the software is released, but with a current SUM agreement your end user can count on updates without any additional cost. BISI will let you know ahead of time when an update is coming, and walk your company and/or end user through the process of updating the software.

An additional benefit of the SUM agreement is licensing assistance. BISI products are licensed for a single install on one computer for its lifetime. In the rare event a server or computer crashes, or upgrades are made to end users operating system, a current SUM agreement allows the end user access to unlimited licensing assistance. With a single phone call to the BISI technical support team, the license will be transferred to the new computer/server, and the end user will back up and running within minutes with regards to BISI products. So, when you're getting your system up and running you won't have a long wait to get our software set up.

As a BISI reseller the end users SUM agreements are renewable every year, you'll have another consistent opportunity to keep in touch with your end users, giving you a chance to stay in front of their overall needs. What are you waiting for, get on the phone call today and keep your end users current with their SUM.

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