Text Printing updates in RPM 6.2

From the beginning, the ability for RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") to render text on a Windows printer has set it apart from nearly all other solutions. Text printing is a fundamental process which we continue to invest in.


  • If you specify overlays for a text print, they now appear on page 1 only if you want it to.
  • Furthermore, if an overlay was supposed to appear on page 1, the text was not printing
  • Fixed a problem if image overlays were enabled, but none were selected.

End page error

Windows was reporting an error in "EndPage" for some print drivers but we were able to work around this.

Top margin

We corrected a problem where the first line of text in a file could print above the configured margin

Blank page handling

RPM has always had a "suppress blank page" feature which somehow slipped through the cracks in the previous release. It has been restored to its rightful place.

Blank job

If a print job was entirely white space, it never finished printing even though it didn't print anything. This is fixed.