Print server takes full advantage of Windows

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is print server software for Windows platforms. It makes full use of your Windows system and has many capabilities beyond traditional printing--though we support that as well.

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No special hardware required

RPM coexists with your Windows system, completely. We use Windows networking, print to local and shared printers, archive to local and shared folders--even on non-Windows systems.

We email print jobs using your mail server, or the remote user's--your choice.

Easy install

RPM is a single file download from our web site. Run the install program, walk through the setup steps, and you'll be using RPM in minutes! 

Note that you must be logged in as a system administrator, since RPM runs as a service. If you are not familiar with Windows services, think of it this way; when you use the RPM user interface, it informs the service when you configure, and the service informs it when jobs come in, etc. The service always runs whether you are logged in or not.

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