Printing Software Products

RPM Remote Print Manager(R) INTELLIscribe(R) ExcelliPrint(R)
RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is our software print server product. It supports LPD and telnet, and provides a convenient bridge between legacy systems and modern platforms.

  • Receive: RPM uses LPD and stream, or reverse telnet.
  • Pre-process: On demand, RPM will change data, add, and remove data in the print stream.
  • Format: RPM handles many data formats and produces PDF format files.
  • Distribute: RPM sends print jobs to multiple printers, sends e-mails, and archives at the same time.
  • Archive: RPM allows you to save print jobs to any folder, including shares.
INTELLIscribe® is our print client product. INTELLIscribe creates a virtual port usable with any Windows printer. Print just like you usually do from your Windows application, with these differences:

  • Broadcast: print to all the printers in your list at once
  • Failover printing: redirect to the next printer in line when this one stops responding. Used when you have several printers available and can't waste time reprinting
  • Round robin: use all your printers one at a time
  • Destination balancing: keep the load on your printers about the same
ExcelliPrint® is our IPDS printing product. It's a software only solution which supports all IPDS towers. Use it to replace high TCO hardware. ExcelliPrint supports standard HP PCL printers for speed and Windows printers for compatibility.

If you need multiple IPDS outputs, consider this: we include one printer license for each ExcelliPrint software license, and additional printers cost much less.