We Remove the Pain of Printing

Our print server software makes complex printing tasks so much easier!

How simple is your printing?

Printing should be simple, like pressing a button. If printing is more difficult in your organization, then you might need a print management software that automates any number of complex print tasks.

Introducing RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM")

With RPM our approach to making complex print jobs practical is to build a set of tools you can use to make a print workflow that does what you want.

If we simply fit the software around a set of "magic bullet" features then you'd be limited to what we provide you. Instead, with RPM you can define a print workflow that does what you want.

About print workflow

Let's compare several examples doing the same common tasks with traditional print servers, and the RPM print server.

Traditional print server RPM print server
Print-ready files
Send file directly to the printer Send file directly to the printer, optional watermarks, convert to PDF
Plain text or text with markup
Print plain text if the printer supports it
  1. Assess text for best-fit on the defined printer page
    User-specified layout and page orientation
    Use conventional layout settings
  2. Render with specified fonts to any Windows printer
Print the same job from multiple paper trays

  • Create multiple printer definitions for the same printer, defaulting each to a different paper tray

Each time you print:

  • Manually print to each printer definition from your Windows application

Each time you print:

  • Print from your application to the first queue; RPM takes care of it from there

The same amount of work upfront, no work whatsoever after

Print hardcopy and generate PDF
  1. Print a hardcopy
  2. Manually scan each page to PDF

Configure RPM to print a hardcopy, and generate a PDF. Each time you print, RPM does both.


Let's now compare common virtual print operations using traditional products versus the RPM virtual printer.

Traditional virtual printer RPM virtual printer
Options to generate PDF
Send Windows print job to a PDF driver Convert many print formats from many types of systems to PDF
Where to put your PDF
Archive to disk
What to name your PDF

Source document name

  • Source document name
  • Date & time stamped including month and day names
  • Originating hostname and username
  • Unique job ID


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