Remote Printing FAQ: Licensing Issues



The purpose of this page is to provide a common set of questions and answers for licensing RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”).

Please note this is not a legal document. We have a shrinkwrap license which someone agreed to when they installed RPM. That is a legal document. This is a discussion page for addressing questions we see frequently.

  1. What is required to install RPM and have the license work correctly?
  2. What restrictions do I have in the 21-day trial?
  3. What if I need longer than 21 days?
  4. I desperately need this software to function like it did when it was licensed, temporarily
  5. How to license the software
  6. This important next step will save you from future headaches
  7. "There are no more licenses available"
  8. What does “Supported” mean on the license status?
  9. We renewed support but the license manager shows the license is in trial mode
  10. We want to move the production license to a new server over the weekend, what do we need to do?
  11. We have multiple licenses under a certain invoice number and auth code. When I try to activate RPM using the username we’ve been using, I get the following message
  12. If we update the license does it wipe out the previous RPM settings?
  13. Do we need a new license or do we do something with the old license?
  14. Questions about module status
  15. How to deactivate a license
  16. I migrated my RPM license to a new machine and now my other license is missing.
  17. What is the download link for the software?

    Nearly every page on our site has this button:

    Download 21 day free trial

    Click that and you will see all the download choices.