Frequently Asked Questions

RPM features

What are RPM's security features
What data is passed to RPM?
What happens to the jobs when RPM is not running?
What is LPR/LPD?
On which versions of Windows does RPM run?
Why is LPR Byte Counting Enabled required?
Will RPM work on an OS/2 system?

Printing issues

RPM output different from printer output
How to (re)set the IP address pointing to RPM
Does RPM handle AFPDS files?
Does RPM support bold text?
Does RPM support IPDS?
Does RPM support USB printers?
Dot matrix printer prints very slowly.
Error: Unrecognized control line
How can I release a job in "wait" status?
How to modify the line spacing?
Mainframe telnet test
PostScript files print as PostScript code
RPM is receiving but nothing was printed
RPM shows different fonts for different printers
RPM shows an "Xfer" state
RPM takes a long time to print
Saving print jobs so they can be reprinted
Software that does PostScript translation
Warning: Unrecognized control line
Warning: Unrecognized control line from AIX
Which file prints first?
Why does the Euro currency symbol not print?

RPM Permissions and Setup

Escaping the grip of antivirus (new)
Granting "Logon as a batch job"
When I print, I get a stair step effect
There is no page between jobs
What type of printers does RPM support?
Will RPM support network printers?
PCL code is printing through raw queue
Raw print output different from direct printing
Will RPM run in a cluster environment?
How do I configure my firewall?
Local Telnet test
How to get RPM to print text and PostScript
Determining LPI and CPI for Text Queue
How do I configure an RPM printer?
Is there a way to backup my queue configuration?
Error: [10048]: Address already in use
My new HP printer does not support internal fonts
Error message during RPM installation
Using Ghostscript with RPM
Access is denied to a shared printer
Acrobat Distiller 5 hangs when printing from RPM
Can RPM handle FORTRAN codes?
Configuring RPM for direct socket printing
Error (-5006: 0x80004005) during installation
How to copy queue configuration
How to determine the IP Address
How do I disable banner pages?
How to set up RPM with Lapres
How to translate EBCDIC to ASCII?
I can ping the PC, but can't connect
Print Setup dialog does not open
RPM detected another program using port 515
The service is disabled and cannot be started
RPM creates a new queue automatically

AS/400 - iSeries - System i

Page range on an AS/400 Remote OUTQ
AS/400 print job stays in a *RDY status
Verifying a connection between the AS/400 and RPM
What does the XAUTOQ option do?
What does the XAIX option do?
RPM job placed in "Wait" Status
Problems when upgrading to OS400 V4R5
Setting up AS/400 for A4 paper size
Managing AS/400 printing forms
Setting up AS/400 to print to dynamic IP address
Error: Printer Device needed
Error: Failed Subcommand 4
After an OS/400 upgrade, all jobs stay in SND state
AS/400 page range not working to RPM
AS/400 print job goes into to *HLD state
AS/400 print job goes into a *SND state
Automatically reply to message CPA3394
Creating PSFCFG
Data queue error for AS/400 V3R6
Error: Cannot find data queue in library
Error: Writer ended abnormally
How do I print labels from the AS/400
Send other formats from the AS/400
What other Destination Options are available?
OFFICE VISION asks for a printer to send report to
When moving a spool file the OS asks for a printer


My AIX system queue is disabled automatically
Printing to the AIX Unix LPD server
"Host does not have access" message with AIX


Warning: Printer limit exceeded
Can I increase the printer limit?
Emergency need to reinstall RPM
How is the license verified?
RPM is no longer licensed

Print client setup

How to configure SGI IRIX to print to RPM
Print to RPM from Solaris 2.51
Setup instructions for Solaris 7/sparc
How to set up RPM to receive from a DEC VAX
Configure Tandem OS for RPM printing
How to set up Linux for RPM
How to setup an AIX 3.x queue
How to setup an AIX 4.x queue
How to setup remote AS/400 OUTQ
Printing to RPM from OpenVMS
Print to RPM from SunOS 2.6
Setup an MVS mainframe to print to RPM
Will RPM receive jobs from an HP3000?
How to print to RPM from an IBM/VSE mainframe


How to get a capture file
ExcelliPrint doesn't list my printer
How to suppress font substitution messages
Can ExcelliPrint convert SCS to PDF?
How to print to ExcelliPrint from my host
Print to a specific tray using PCL
Using PSF to control job separation
What ports does ExcelliPrint use?


Why upgrade INTELLIscribe?
Unable to create MsgBoxer Coclass
BISILOCK.DLL uses function #6883 in MFC42.dll
Offending command printed out with my print job
Can INTELLIscribe print through a firewall?
Configuring an Apple LaserWriter Pro 810
Download header with each print job
Failed to initialize
How do I use broadcast printing?
I cannot add another printer
Printing to Apple LaserWriter 16/600
Printing to an Epilog Legend Engraver
Printing to Tektronix Phaser 560
Received "illegal format character 'o'" from Unix


Cannot print to inkjet printer
Setting Up Remote Printer on HP9000
I cannot print a banner page on my Lexmark printer
LPD queue names for print servers
Problems printing to an HP Laserjet 1000