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RPM Remote Print Manager ("RPM")

RPM is a virtual printer. Most other virtual printers we've seen create a PDF from your print job. That's a great feature; we do that, too. We are more like a printer implemented in software. We provide you with a framework to construct a print workflow and automate it for you.

Here is a list of the product SKUs related to RPM.

SKU Description
R6S RPM Select. This is our standard model print server. It's an entire printer implemented in software with a host of features to print your jobs, make adjustments, create PDFs from many inputs, archive to disk, and much more. RPM Select supports 10 output devices.
R6E1 RPM Elite. This has every feature of RPM Select, plus it converts PCL to PDF, lets you set the number of processing tasks, extracts data from print jobs, and much more. RPM Elite supports 99 output devices.
R6E2 RPM Elite Extended is like RPM Elite but supports up to 249 output devices.
R6E3 RPM Elite Unlimited is like RPM Elite but supports unlimited devices. This means there are no restrictions besides what your system can manage.
R6-QFLD Queue Folders is our directory watcher, programmed to work exclusively with any edition of RPM Elite. You can configure any folder on your hard drive to feed files into a specific RPM queue.


INTELLIscribe® works with the Windows port monitor, like your other TCP/IP ports. We take your print jobs and route them to multiple printers using a variety of ways to get that job done for you.

SKU Description
IS40 INTELLIscribe for Windows is our print client platform. You can print to INTELLIscribe from any Windows application. From there, INTELLIscribe will broadcast print to a printer group, round-robin, load balance, or failover.
Purchase: INTELLIscribe


IPDS printing software solution. The Standard edition produces a variety of PCL print output. The Premium edition produces PCL plus searchable PDFs and prints using Windows print drivers, so you're not limited to PCL printers ... as if that was much of a limitation.

SKU Description
XCP-40-ST ExcelliPrint Standard is our IPDS print server. The Standard edition supports a variety of PCL printer outputs.
XCP-40-PR ExcelliPrint Premium is our higher end IPDS print server. It supports PCL output and PDF. PDFs are searchable. It also supports Windows printer output.
XCPST-PTRS ExcelliPrint Standard Printers. ExcelliPrint Standard comes with one output device. Use this code to purchase additional outputs.
XCPPR-PTRS ExcelliPrint Premium Printers. ExcelliPrint Premium comes with one output device. Use this code to purchase additional outputs.

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