3 Main Benefits to Software Upgrade & Maintenance

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 16:18 By Bunmi

There are three main benefits of the Brooks Internet Software, Inc.’s (“BISI”) Software Upgrade & Maintenance (“SUM”) program.

Benefit #1: Expert assistance

The first benefit to you, our end user, is that BISI has a Technical Support Team with systems in place to keep our entire staff well-informed about any and all bug fixes or changes in the software. And, many on the team are instrumental in writing the software itself. The BISI Technical Support Team is full of great people with a wealth of experience, who are ready and willing to work with you in order to bring your technical matters to a satisfactory close. We are standing by to help you over the phone during business hours, as well as via email.

Benefit #2: Product updates

The second benefit of the SUM program is that you have access to all product updates, bug fixes and version releases. Many software companies require the end user to purchase their software updates, etc., with a discount available through their maintenance program. BISI makes all updates, bug fixes and new version releases available without any additional cost so long as your SUM contract is current. BISI notifies you of updates and bug fixes, and keeps you well informed ahead of time when a new version will be released. You can count on our Technical Support Team being available to walk you through the process of any and all updates, bug fixes, and new version releases.

Benefit #3: License assistance

The third benefit of the SUM Program is the license assistance. BISI products are licensed for a single install on one computer for its lifetime. In the event of a reinstall due to a server crash, or if you need to migrate to another server, the SUM program provides your company access to licensing assistance. With a single phone call to BISI Technical Support Team, your company will be back up and running within minutes--with regards to any of our products. You can avoid a long wait or additional software purchases to get BISI software setup as long as you maintain your SUM contract.

Your company’s purchase of any BISI software comes with a one-year SUM contract included. After the first year, the SUM contract is renewable annually. The contract can be reinstated even if it has lapsed; however, keeping your company up to date will save time as well as money. Your city does not wait for a fire to staff fire-fighters! Keeping our technical support team online will save future time, money, and frustrations.

To summarize, the benefits of the SUM program are:

  • Knowledgeable technical support team standing by
  • Access to all product updates at no additional cost
  • Licensing assistance when and where needed

Of course the goal is always to save you time in resolving technical difficulties.

Please tell us how BISI can make you more successful!