Access is denied to a shared printer

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 11:39 By Dave Brooks

Q: We have installed RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") on a Windows Server operating system. When printing to a locally attached printer, everything is fine. When the printer is shared from another Windows PC, a message is logged that reads, in part, access is denied.

A: Microsoft recommends that vendors support login credentials as the preferred way to get access to a shared resource, from a Windows service. This is why RPM offers optional credentials for any action that uses a printer, folder, or file path.

To assign user credentials to a device, in the action settings dialog (for whatever action you are using) locate the Credentials field in the dialog and click the Update button, then enter your domain, user and password where indicated.

We have an extensive discussion on printing to shared printers on this page.