After an OS/400 upgrade, all jobs stay in SND state

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 11:33 By Dave Brooks

Q: After the OS/400 version has been upgraded, all spool files go to a SND state, but will not print. What did the upgrade do to stop printing?

A: After an OS/400 operating system upgrade, check the AS/400 host table and TCP/IP configuration. Restore or replace any missing entries in the host table.

Also, verify that the writer is started for each OUTQ. To do so, from the AS/400 command prompt, issue the following command: WRKOUTQ outq name. If the status of each Output Queue is RLS/WTR, then a Writer is running and this is not the cause of the issue.

There are a number of settings in the AS/400 OUTQ configuration that can result in this symptom. To resolve the issue, verify the settings in the OUTQ match the recommended settings on our AS/400 setup instructions. To begin modifying the OUTQ, follow these instructions.

  1. From an AS/400 command prompt, issue this command, substituting your OUTQ name where appropriate: ENDWTR outq name *IMMED.
  2. Wait 15 seconds, then issue this command, again substituting your OUTQ name where appropriate: CHGOUTQ outq name. Press F4 to prompt, rather than the Enter key. If you press the Enter key, start again from the beginning.
  3. Press F9 to view all parameters, then compare your settings with our AS/400 setup instructions.