Automatically reply to message CPA3394

Sat, 06/22/2019 - 12:48 By Dave Brooks

Q: Every time a print job is released from the AS/400, I get the following message:

Load form type <TYPE> device <DEVICE> writer <WRITER>.

A: This message (CPA3394) is a safety mechanism to prompt you to load paper that has a form type matching the spool file output you are sending to that printer.

For instance, you do not print reports on expensive check paper.

To respond automatically, configure the message in the Work with System Reply List command as follows.

On the command prompt:

  1. Enter the following: WRKRPYLE to display a screen showing all automatic system reply entries on your AS/400.
  2. To add a new entry, press F6. to open the Add Reply List Entry (ADDRPYLE) command.
  3. On this screen, enter the following fields:
    • Sequence Number -- Any unique number between 1 and 9999.
    • Message Identifier -- The load form type message ID, CPA3394 in this case.
    • Comparison Data -- The name of the device or *NONE (not recommended) for all devices.
    • Message Data Start Position -- Take the default *NONE.
    • Message Reply -- The automatic response value, G to start printing now (go).