Brooks' Reseller Program

"Brooks Internet Software, Inc. was built on my strong personal desire to provide ways for customers to print with excellence from their host environments to their networked PCs. The opportunities we've had over the years have come from customers asking us to assist them with their situations. As we've strived to provide effective customer service, this cycle continues with follow-up sales, referrals, and insights regarding relevant market needs.
In the long run, it's the customers-in addition to our superb technology-that makes the company."
Dave Brooks, Founder and President
Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

Since its induction, Brooks' Reseller Program has been successful and now serves more than half the countries around the world and thousands of users worldwide.

Brooks' Reseller application and evaluation process seeks to identify companies interested in establishing a long-term relationship with Brooks to incorporate our technology with their own product lines while maintaining high levels of customer service.

Brooks has built a program to help Resellers be successful, which includes cooperative-marketing programs, product discounts based on activity levels, advanced product training, ongoing product enhancements, and new product development. All of these items not only generate new business opportunities for the Reseller, but also help maintain service levels with existing clientele.

In return, Brooks benefits from the Reseller's relationship by learning more about how our products are used in different market regions and how we can improve our products and service to better meet customer demands.

Here is a list of Brooks' International Resellers. If you are interested in learning more details about Brooks' Reseller program, please email our Reseller Representative.