How to set up SCO UNIX for RPM

How do I setup SCO UNIX to print to RPM Remote Print Manager®?

Make sure you have a line in your /etc/hosts file that has the IP address of the PC you have installed RPM on, and a hostname for that PC.

At the shell prompt type "telnet <hostname> 515". <hostname> should be the name of the PC running RPM.

If you get the following response (or similar), your setup is correct:

	Trying <>:
	Connected to <hostname>.
	Escape character is '^]'.
	Client port 1107 out of range
	Connection closed by foreign host.

Now run scoadmin and choose "Printers".

Choose "Printer Manager".

Choose Printer/Add Remote/UNIX

Now, put your host name and printer name in. (Make sure to deselect the box that says: "Use extended remote printer")

If you forget this, you can later remove the ":ex" from the /etc/printcap file using vi or another text editor.

For a more detailed set of instructions, click here.