AS/400 OUTQ Setup With RPM Remote Print Manager®

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 20:37 By Dave Brooks

Question: I have installed RPM Remote Print Manager®, but now I do not know how to set up my AS/400 to print to it. Do you have steps for setting up a remote OUTQ in the AS/400?


  1. From the AS/400 command line, issue the command CRTOUTQ.
  2. The first parameter is Output queue. This is the name of the local queue on your AS/400.
  3. The Library parameter should be QUSRSYS.
  4. The Remote system is the hostname of your PC, AS/400 host table entry. We recommend that you use the fully qualified name in both the host table and in this file and screen or you can use *INTNETADR and enter the IP address in the IP Address key later.
  5. The Remote printer queue is the name of a queue defined on your PC in RPM.
  6. Press F24, F9 now. This should display all parameters.

Use the following table to enter values as shown.

Writers to autostart: 1

Connection type: *IP

Destination type: *OTHER

Transform SCS to ASCII: *YES

Go to the Manufacturer type and model parameter. Press F4 to see a list of printers that IBM supports. Pick HP4 for the best RPM features; or pick the printer you will be printing to, if you are using features that RPM does not currently support. Use the following table to enter the values as shown.

Destination options: XAIX XAUTOQ

Operator controlled: *YES

Data queue: *NONE


Authority to check: *DTAAUT

Authority: *USE

If you want to suppress banner pages, set Print separator page to *NO and Job Separators to 0.